Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank You

This morning the family ran the Turkey Trot 5K in Orlando, Florida, where we're spending Thanksgiving. After the trot we drove past the house where we once lived, and then drove to Mimi's Cafe for our Thanksgiving brunch. During the meal we talked about the things we were thankful for, and some favorite Thanksgiving memories. It has been a beautiful day to remember and give thanks for the good things we've enjoyed in this life.

This afternoon I met my sister and her daughter and friend at their Disney resort. An incident there reminded me of Who is control of this life, and to Whom I should always be grateful.

While waiting for a bus to Animal Kingdom, Lucy and Annie decided to go into the resort gift shop for a few items. Marilyn and I sat on the bench and chatted. An AK bus came and went, since L/A were still shopping. Another bus came, and the bus driver took some time getting on and off the bus, adjusting his mirrors. The driver got in his seat, prepared to drive off, and we prepared to wait for the next bus. But he decided again to adjust his mirrors, and when he got back on the bus, Lucy and Annie came out of the shop in time to run and board the bus. (Thank you God for your perfect timing.)

I had Lucy and Annie's purchases and took it back to their room, since I had decided to go back to our resort and take a nap. I deposited their sack and had just made it back to my car when I got a call from Marilyn saying she had lost her wallet. She couldn't find it on the bus and wanted me to look at the bus stop. (Thank you God for the little things that delay my activities so I will be in the right spot at the right time.)

I was still talking on the phone, looking around and under the benches when a lady sitting on the next bench said, "Are you Marilyn?" I said no, but that was my sister. The lady had found the wallet and sent it to Lost and Found with her son, the little boy in the red shirt who was coming down the walk. I walked toward the front desk, stopping and thanking the little boy, and gave him a small reward. (Thank you God for the honest people in this world, and for making sure I have a little cash on hand when I can do some good with it.)

I stopped at the front desk and was helped with the very cast member who had taken the wallet and secured it. With a few questions and my answers, she gave me the wallet, and Marilyn was back on track. (Thank you God for workers who have to work on holidays and still have a kind attitude.)

Today has been a wonderful Thanksgiving Day - for remembering all those things for which I should be thankful, for recognizing anew the little things that happen every day, and for reminding myself of the One who gives it all to me just because He loves me.

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