Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time Is Relative

As if spending a week together under one roof wasn't enough, today we spent the entire day together in one car. After dropping Mathieu off at Orlando Regional for his flight to Wyoming, we began our journey at 6 am. Eleven hours later, we drove up the hallowed driveway of Springdoik, our lovely home. As long as the day seemed while we were in the middle of it, once we arrived home, it didn't seem that big of a deal.

Many times I get so caught up in trying to pass the time, I end up losing the time. I am so busy trying to get rid of time, I don't enjoy it as it ticks away. Ultimately I end up losing not only the minutes but the memories and enjoyment that time could have brought.

Today we had a long road trip ahead of us. We took naps and ate snacks and watched movies and read books. We'll remember that it was a long car trip, but most of all we'll remember that we endured it together. And in the end, I guess that fact makes all that time worthwhile.

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