Friday, November 6, 2009

Facebook - My New Conscience

Okay, so I'm a relative neophyte when it comes to facebook. When new changes on the site appear, I really become flummoxed, much to the humor (or irritation) of my daughters (on whom I call for explanations and instructions). I am still trying to figure out the news feed/home/profile - which one gives me the latest updates? And who sees what when they click on my name? And which pictures of me can the world at large see?

Anyhow, lately I feel like facebook is becoming my moral compass. For one thing, I get constant updates on who my friends are becoming friends with. Is this so I can screen my friend's new friends, in case there's a bad influence? Should I be doing background checks?

Another thing is the matter of how many friends my friends have, which the sidebar tells me. The other day, I was told that one friend "has only 9 friends." Should I call in a counsellor? Is there a friend quota that is a marker for depression? Facebook seems concerned - should I be?

Facebook also reminds me which friends I have not contacted in awhile. If facebook is so concerned, why aren't they contacting that friend? Facebook also suggests that I should "poke" certain friends. Why? Is that even socially acceptable? What really does a poke do, except imply that I am too lazy to write them a note and ask how they are?

As if concern about the friends I already have isn't enough, facebook also keeps suggesting new friends for me to make. Apparently not communicating with the ones I have is not too huge a concern, because facebook seems to believe that I can handle more. To add to the guilt trip, it tells me how many mutual friends my potential friend and I have in common. Does that make me a friend by association? Should I be that person's friend, even if they may not know me? Is this the future of detente - we can be friends with that country because they're friends with another country who is friends with us?

Finally, I am reminded of birthdays, and supposedly can click on their homepage (or profile or newsfeed or something) and give them a gift. If I have credits. Which I don't. Or know how or where to get them.

So, in conclusion, thanks to facebook, I have hopes for making this world better through friend-ing. Poke that, Facebook!!
Things that make today great: Heaving my body to the top of the Allen Tower - twice; painter sitting at Sam's and Lynnette's; Starbucks peppermint mocha; taking Steve and Barry to the airport

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