Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten Tens

Today I managed to squeak out November's 100 Things, which is good since tomorrow will be December. This month I decided (at Molly's suggestion) to go back and get rid of 10 more things that were part of each of the past 10 months of 100 things. That means that today I lessened my load by disposing/displacing the following: 10 books (January), 10 DVDs (February), 10 kitchen doodads (March), 10 CD's (April), 10 Disney treasures (May), 10 articles of clothing (June), 10 photographs (July), 10 bathroom things (August), 10 attic things (September), and 10 utility doo-dads (October).

The funny thing is that I thought I had gotten rid of so much of each "thing," yet there was still more stuff to discard. I'm not sure if the getting rid got easier, or if the stuff became even less important, or if somehow the stuff that was left mated and made more stuff. But it proves that there's always stuff that I don't need.

One of the blessings in all this is that I'm a little better about not bringing more stuff into my home. I'm also getting better about taking unnecessary stuff out. And in the end, it's all just stuff.
Things that make today great: New boot camp session with Maribeth joining me again; waiting at the oil change place, and the emissions testing place, and the car tag renewal place; free internet at the car place and freecell on the laptop at the emissions place and Tetris on my cell phone at the car tag renewal place; new lamp for the sectional; getting vacation laundry done; extended stay for Christmas vacation

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