Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December's 100 Things

December 1.

I managed to put up the Christmas tree, even with Maggie's interference.

I also managed to take care of December's 100 things - Christmas things. With this final collection, I have divested myself of 1200 things this year.

Was the 100 things a success? Yes, because I got in the habit of getting rid of that which is unnecessary and thinking a little harder about what I wish to accumulate. So I guess it's appropriate that the 100 things ends in December, a month of giving. Maybe in 2010 I'll think more about giving more than getting, because I've seen how much I don't need.

Like a kitten in a tree.
Things that make today great: Giving blood at the Red Cross and the workers there; putting up the Christmas tree with Maggie's hijinks; Maribeth's honey chicken for supper

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