Friday, December 4, 2009

WDW Christmas Events - 2; Luanne - 0

A few weeks ago during the golf tournament, I had tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. I was there long enough for it to get rained out. Today, Marilyn and I had tickets for the taping of the Disney World Christmas Parade. We were there long enough for - you guessed it - it got rained out. We sort of figured it out when all the techs packed up their microphones and cameras and left. At least Marilyn got her picture with some guy with a walkie talkie - the closest we got to being in the parade! And to think we got special hats and everything!

While one might think that Mickey doesn't want me to enjoy his Christmas celebrations, one would be wrong. Each rain out left me with a one-day, one-park pass. Today we also got pictures of the Jonas Brothers (if only I knew a song they recorded). Looks like Mickey and his team know how to spread the Christmas cheer - even when it's dreary and damp!
Things that make today great: Great parking at MK; people eavesdropping while waiting for parade news; shopping; artichoke crab dip and burgers at Big River

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