Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where's The Caramel Corn?

Steve has a bone to pick - or should I say a kernel to pop. On a recent trip (like maybe October) to WDW when we were staying at Boardwalk, we walked past a kiosk that advertised caramel corn. Steve likes caramel corn and his mouth started watering at the thought of some freshly made caramel corn. When it was his turn at the window, the cast member behind the counter told Steve that the machine was broken and they no longer sold caramel corn.

This did not sit well with Steve, who saw all his caramel corn hopes dashed with just a few words. He inquired as to why the sign still indicated that they sold caramel corn, when indeed they did not. Of course the cast member, being a lowly worker bee, had no response, and Steve went away mumbling things that probably shouldn't be heard by innocent ears.

Fast forward to tonight. Again, we pass the same kiosk. Again, the sign outside advertised caramel corn. Again, Steve waits in line and asks for this golden treat when it is his turn. And again, the cast member behind the counter says that the machine is broken and there is no caramel corn to be sold and consumed.

Naturally, this perplexes Steve. After all, this is Disney. Shouldn't the machine be fixed by now? The last time we stayed in the Boardwalk Villas, workers were hauling out all the furniture and appliances in the units for refurbishment and installation of new furniture and appliances. Certainly ONE lowly caramel-corn-making machine could be replaced, at least repaired.

But no. Steve inquired as to when the machine might be fixed. Cast Dude said he didn't know - probably never. Steve asked if the sign could be modified as to reflect the current caramel corn situation. Cast Dude said Disney would not let them change anything, even as to write a hand-written sign to post when their credit card machine is broken. Cast Dude was very amiable and smiled as he tried to console Steve in his current caramel corn crisis.

Steve left, vowing to write important Disney officials and hoping there is a President of Caramel Corn. Steve is on a mission, and will be back in January to see if this situation has been rectified. I certainly hope so - because somebody's kernels are going to be pretty hot if it hasn't!!
Things that make today great: new watch from Steve; dinner at Big River Grille with John, Anne, David, Michael, Molly, and Steve; crowded bus to Downtown Disney and dancing couple; finding caramel popcorn and cotton candy

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