Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Public Service Announcement

At my age, I feel it imperative to impart vital knowledge based on my experiences. In light of this, I would like to tell you to stay away from the product shown on the left. In fact, run away from them - do not stop and consider - run away.

But let me start at the beginning. First of all, I am a Cheetos fan. Well, except for the fiery hot ones. I like my Cheetos. Awhile ago, I became aware that they had come up with "giant" Cheetos. Although I found the concept intriguing, my interest was not peeked enough to actually sample one.

Then, in the demented spirit of Little Debbie and her evil Christmas tree cakes, the villains at Cheetos headquarters decided to package some ginormous white cheddar Cheetos and market them as "jingle bells" - a winter treat. Guess what - they got me. I promptly grabbed a bag and headed for the checkout line.

Once home, I opened the bag, hoping for a holiday Cheetos delight. Instead, I found a crinkly chunk the size of a large marshmallow or a ping pong ball. In fact, I probably needed a knife and fork to eat it. I tried eating it in bites, but all that got me was white cheese gunk on my front teeth. If you try eating the things in bites, you will also end up with slimy cheese gunk on your fingers. And to matters even worse, these humongous chunks pretty much taste like Styrofoam. All in all, the entire holiday gargantuan Cheetos experience was a huge disappointment. I have now done my part to warn you.

To summarize, save your money and don't buy these "holiday" Cheetos - eat the packing peanuts that were in your holiday packages instead.
Things that make today great: Brunch with the family; Christmas presents almost finished and wrapped; projects started; watching "Up" with Steve; waiting forever at Church's for Steve's chicken

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