Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shopping - Part Deux

After venturing out again this evening for more holiday shopping, I realized another reason I don't like holiday shopping - holiday shopping drivers. Here are my top five reasons why I think holiday shopping traffic is more dangerous that Nashville traffic when snow has been detected in Memphis, predicted to hit Nashville sometime in the next year, and the stampede to Kroger for milk and bread has begun:

Holiday shopping driving in Nashville sucks because:

1. There is a death dual when a shopper is seen headed to her car, she gets in her car, and backs out of her parking space. The death dual begins when the two drivers who have been stalking the driver attempt to be the one to gain control of the aforementioned parking space.

2. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has a clue as to what is going on in a parking garage. Today I saw a fender bender involving a car that was obviously oblivious to the person who was backing out. Of course, the backing out car was not paying attention to anyone behind him, because he thought he would be Mr. Popular because he was opening up a prime parking location.

3. The Christmas spirit does not apply to automobiles. This is evident in the number of cars who line up bumper to bumper trying to circle the parking lot to find a parking spot (and ignoring anyone who may be backing up right beside them). I understand the concept - I just find it annoying that they are blocking me from crossing their line to head the other direction. I mean, I pose no threat to their parking place agenda - I just want to go to Kroger. Really - and there's no snow anywhere in the forecast!

4. Horn honking does not equate to jingle bells. Really. And I don't think you were saying "Merry Christmas" either. And no, that is not the correct gesture for the season.

5. The traffic light does not change rules just for Christmas. Red still means stop, not "block the intersection." Yellow still means caution, not "you still have time - lots of it - so pull on out to the middle of the intersection." Green means simply go, not "go whenever and however and wherever you want." The Christmas lights are on your tree, not in the middle of traffic!

Shopping at 7-11 is looking better every day!
Things that make today great: Snowflake 5K with Steve and Sam; Sam wogging the 5k with me; fellow wogger at 5k; breakfast with Sam, Lynnette, and Maribeth; enjoying "The Frog Prince" with Sam and Lynnette; purchasing two more Christmas presents

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