Monday, December 7, 2009

Making New Friends Via Maytag

My washing machine is getting very moody lately. It's not that old and is a Maytag (the brand Steve's family swears by) so it should be a very happy washing machine. However, lately it has been having issues with draining the final water and spinning the clothes dry.

Last week when I opened the machine and found it full of water (it is a front-loader and I could tell it was full of water by the gallons that gushed out on the floor), I decided it was time to call a professional. After all, it is a Maytag, and we all know their repairmen are the loneliest men in town. So, today was the day to call.

Luckily, it is still under the extended warranty that I bought when I bought the machine. I called the repair phone number listed on the paperwork. After I punched in various numbers in response to various commands, I was finally connected to Indira, who apparently was speaking to me from her native country, somewhere in Asia.

We had quite the conversation. I only wish I knew who her scriptwriter is, because after every comment I made, she had the perfect response. For instance:

Indira: "What is the problem?"
Me: "The machine won't drain."
Indira: "Ooooo. I know that can be very depressing, so let me see if I can help you."
Me: "That would be great."
Indira: "Is the drainage hose clear?"
Me: "Yes."
Indira: "Oh, that is great. Well then, let's see if we can get your washing machine fixed because I know that can be frustrating."

It went on like this until finally Indira asked if I had reset the machine by unplugging it and plugging it back in. I hadn't, and suggested that I wouldn't know if this worked until I had washed another load. Indira seemed to think this was the way to go and said she would note my plan of action on my record, in case the unplug/replug technique didn't work.

I unplugged and replugged and washed a load of clothes. I'm still not certain that it worked - although there was no deluge of water, there was still a bit of residual puddles. I'll probably end up calling the repair hot line again in a week or so.

I wonder if Indira will be waiting for my call!
Things that make today great: Getting the finances in order; pizza lunch with the Ms; seeing Molly's new tv

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