Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanks 2009!

  • For graduations and new jobs.
  • For marathons and half-marathons and 5ks and 10ks and 13ks.
  • For a 3-day and sleeping in tents.
  • For family gatherings and trips.
  • For Disney visits and more Disney visits.
  • For new friends and reconnecting with old friends.
  • For publishing books.
  • For saying goodbye to much-loved pets and hello to new ones.
  • For new cars and new furniture and trading both.
  • For new places for family brunch.
  • For new movies and television shows.
  • For gestating a granddaughter.
  • For an unforgettable presidential inauguration

But most of all, thanks for the family with whom I have enjoyed and shared many of the experiences above. The lows during the year have been made bearable because of the support of my family and the highs and joys have been doubled because them. And on this last day of 2009, I am thankful to have them around me. On to 2010!!__________________________________________________________________

Things that make today great: Finally taking down the Christmas tree

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