Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fashion with a View

Last Saturday, Marilyn and I were having a snack in The Land at Epcot. While we were chatting, I happened to look to my right at the young lady who was cleaning up after her group. She was bent over a bit, and as I glanced over, I couldn't help but notice her low-riding pants. And I seriously couldn't help but see her coin slot, aka butt crack, aka the top of her hiney, aka whatever you call it, sticking out the top of her jeans.

Being an old fogey, I was understandably taken aback. I mean, this was not a scene I wished to view while enjoying my key lime-ish tart. I tried to ignore the situation, but also finding it funny, I decided to let Marilyn in on the side show. This involved a series of eye movements, a head slant, and a mouth stretch to my right. By this time, Miss Bootylicious had moved to help a child in her party, which involved moving closer to Marilyn, and unfortunately, involved bending over even more. In other words, by now all Marilyn had to do to see the sights was to turn - it was there right in her face. I think we were pretty much done with our snacking at that point.

Anyhow, I am somewhat intrigued by this new style. Miss Booty had no underwear on, as far as we could tell - as we could tell plenty. Doesn't one feel the draft in this area, and feel an urge to cover up? I wouldn't know, since my area in that region is amply covered up by granny panties, panty hose, Spanx, a girdle, and any number of other layers of fabric.

I guess I'm just not in with the latest trend of bending and showing. And for everyone out there who might be able to view that particular landscape - you're welcome!
Things that make today great: Factory brunch with Sam, Lynnette, and Molly; Maribeth and Steve's return from GDizzle's, Molly's chili

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