Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Is Done

I made it to, and through, today's session of boot camp. I unpacked and started to repack. The heating got fixed and it wasn't the thermostat (which I had a new one waiting) but the doohickey in the unit (which the heater man had to go get). I mailed a package, put some money in the bank, went to the grocery store, and got some cash back after my purchase. I washed, dried, and folded clothes so I will have some to pack. I got my hair shampooed, cut, and blown dry. I returned the lamps back to Sam's office that I got from Sam's office yesterday. I returned Molly's side table so I could set up my new side table. I unloaded the dishwasher so I could reload it. I put new litter in the litter box so Maggie the Cat could express her displeasure by pooping on the floor. I met with my women's group and then came home to eat Steve's Bubba Burger in other to have some energy to move a couch and loveseat to Molly's house.

Now I'm going to bed. Boot Camp begins again in 7 hours!
Things that make today great: mailing packages; ladies at Women's Room; new UA pants and Neil Diamond Christmas CD from Steve; Steve's Bubba Burgers; new end table and salesdude from Merridian; cruise dress from Maribeth; Allyson cutting my hair and telling me her pregnancy news

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