Friday, November 13, 2009

Spotter-ing David Duval

Today my assignment as a spotter was to follow David Duval. A few years ago, he was the number one golfer in the world. Today, not so much. After each hole, I had to radio Karl and give him David's score. After bogeying the first four holes, David's score was +8, not a score anybody wants broadcast. Although he later regained three shots, he still missed the cut. Unfortunately, after every hole, I still had to report his dismal score.

It dawned on me that sometimes I'm my own worst spotter. When things aren't going well, I feel the need to report to myself on all the bad stuff. It's like I need to remind myself of my failures and missteps. And frankly, it sucks when I have to hear it again, since I've already been through it once.

But the good news, in my own personal case, the One I report to is God. He already knows everything that I do, but I think He still wants to hear from me. The only difference is, I believe that He wants to hear the good stuff, and there's plenty of that in my life to report.

So maybe from now on, when I'm tempted to beat myself up over something crappy, I'll stop. Maybe instead I'll tell myself of the good things that I've done or experienced. Like in golf, it may not make an crappy situation any better, but it certainly will make it more enjoyable.
Things that make today great: Watching the Magic Kingdom opening; new sunglasses and the cast member who sold them to me and then cleaned them; Karl feeling better and making jokes; sign man; grandfather and grandson on the bus back to Saratoga; later afternoon swim; beautiful day

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