Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today was my first day as a volunteer "spotter" for the Golf Channel. To do this, I got to wear a headset with a button that enabled me to talk to Carl, who is in charge of video or something and needs to know breaking details on the course. Basically, I was to follow a group of golfers around and report. I also had a clipboard and information sheets that listed the players in my group and a score sheet to record their scores. I was only to report in when my group left a hole - my transmission was to be "Group 28 leaving 9." I was also to report any exciting details, but there weren't any in my group.

It was a lot of fun. I met a bunch of new people who were volunteers like me. The weather was overcast, windy, a little damp, and fairly cool. There were only a handful of spectators following my group. The scorecard bearer was old and needed a bathroom break every few holes. But putting them all together, it all made for a great day.

My main concern was making sure I (a) knew which golfer was which, since they both were unknowns to me, (b) paid attention to the shots my golfers were making, just in case something report-worthy happened, like somebody got hit with a golf ball, and (c) didn't make an idiot out of myself by falling down or getting in the way or not paying attention to Carl if he asked me a question. By the time Carl said I could leave my group and return to Golf Central, I had achieved all of the above.

Sounds sort of like mothering to me ....
Things that make today great: New volunteer friends and their stories; passing Rocco on the course; score lady and bearer with my group; golf channel lunch; family trying to get to Downtown Disney; cast member at morning bus stop; Kodak picture on the course


Marilyn said...

cute pic- did you get the jacket?

Luanne said...

for a price - not gratis.