Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feet and Couches

Today our new couch was finally delivered. The old sectional had seen its better days and this new one was to take its place. A few weeks ago, Sam, Lynnette, and I spent a few hours in the Lazy-Boy store trying to choose just the right configuration of pieces. Of course, the Davidson way of doing such a thing is to get on the phone with Maribeth (who was at home), trying to determine how much space we had and could fill with a variety of pieces. I guess I should mention that she was using the "foot" method of measurement - in other words, she measured by taking steps with her feet.

When the dudes arrived with the couch, I had Molly and Maribeth here to help me decide exactly how things should be arranged. Basically, there were six pieces, three of which were interchangeable. After two or three times, assisted by the mover dudes, we finally got everything put together. In a word, the thing is ginormous. We have seating enough for the whole street. It ended up being a little larger than I expected, but I expect it to work out for the family.I just guess the next time I ask Maribeth to measure something, I will specify metrics instead of feet!____________________________________________________________________
Things that make today great: New UA pants from Steve for the 3-Day; new couch sectional; family pizza new couch party; Dollar Store-ing with Molly; packing for the 3-Day

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