Friday, November 27, 2009

What I Did During Family Thanksgiving

1. Ate a bunch of crap - Coke Zeros, assorted candy I rarely eat, breakfast crap from fast food places, more crap, and Diet Cokes. It was not pretty and I am going to pay for this.

2. Watched junky tv. Okay, so I tend to do this sometimes. But I watched the same reruns that I can watch at home. WASTE OF TV TIME!!!

3. Watched movies. Here are my reviews: Pelham 123: Thumbs up. GI Joe: Thumbs down. Four Christmases - Thumbs down - except for the various funny parts - about 5 minutes total. Angels and Demons - Thumbs midway - was on the computer for some of it, didn't read the book, not a fan of Dan Brown, but seemed sort of interesting. Now, if only SOMEONE had brought Love Actually and/or Elf to watch on the way home!!

4. Caught up on sleep. Possibly. Still not sure of where I am on sleep deprivation meter after going to California and flying to Florida. Also got up early for Black Friday today. Of course, sixty gallons of non-calorie coca-cola products has not helped.

5. Shopped. If you count driving the shopping car for the real shoppers. I hate shopping but will drive people if they will shop for me. So, I now have new 700-count sheets, new sweaters, and fleece pj bottoms.

6. Watched fireworks. From the balcony of our hotel. Big tree was in the way, but I got the general idea, and didn't have to battle the crowds to see them!

7. Worked out. One day. In a minimal workout room. I would like to believe that it will help me with the next session of boot camp, but I think not.

8. Washed clothes. I only had one set of clean clothes and a whole bag of dirties from the 3-Day, so it's not like this was an option. It was a choice between clean and dirty, and clean won.

So, I guess it was a typical Davidson family holiday after all!!
Things that make today great: Chauferring the shopping people; peppermint mocha frap; black Friday shopping by proxy

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