Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Few Golf Lessons I Learned From Stephen Ames

1. Have fun. Stephen Ames was clearly enjoying himself today on the course. Every hole wasn't a birdie, but he didn't let that bother him. He laughed, he talked with the other golfers, and he chatted with his fans.

2. Take your family along for the ride. Sometime after the 9th hole or so, I noticed a young boy (maybe 10) had joined the crowd of marshalls, scorekeepers, etc., who were walking with our threesome of golfers. As it turns out, it was Stephen Ames's son. Stephen made sure his son had food and drink, and talked and joked with him while walking to his next shot. His son was obviously having a ball. The best conversation was between an honorary observer and Young Ames on the 18th tee and went as follows:
Young Ames: So if my dad makes a birdie, will he win?
Honorary Observer: Well, he'll be in a tie for the lead. If he wins, that will sure be a great ride back home.
Young Ames: Yeah, and carrying that big trophy!!

His smile was almost as wide as Mickey Mouse's.

3. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day. And PGA golf tournaments aren't won on one hole. As the turtle said, "Slow and steady wins the race." So you can accomplish what you want - it just takes one step at a time. Stephen Ames was several strokes back at the beginning of the day. But slowly, birdie after birdie, he became one of the leaders. He bogied one hole, but kept at it, a birdie here and a birdie there. After two play-off holes, he did it - he won.

Okay, so maybe they technically weren't golf lessons. But they were great lessons to learn on a great day on a great golf course.
Things that make today great: Helping Steve learn the Disney bus ropes; being assigned to the eventual winner of the golf tourney; Michele Wie winning her first golf tourney; honorary observer dudes; today's helpful sign guy; sweet note from Steve; Kentucky couple on the bus; fellow volunteers

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