Wednesday, January 6, 2010

As Luck Would Have It

I am a middle child. I also have a middle child and have a niece who is a middle child. Among all of us, there have been several incidents of what I like to call "middle child dumb luck." It means that you get to experience things that don't seem to happen to anyone else. Like maybe you park your car, exit it, and then the car rolls down a hill. Or you cut up your sister's doll dress and break the doll's legs because it seemed like a good idea at the time. It just seems that unusual adventures and ideas seem to follow you around, waiting to happen. Tonight was another example, only this time it was pretty neat.

Maribeth and I were scheduled on the last flight from Nashville to Orlando (I know - Orlando AGAIN!). Every time she flies, Maribeth waits for an announcement eliciting volunteers to give up their seats and get a travel voucher. Tonight after getting Starbucks and Burger King, we sat in our seats. About 60 seconds later the Southwest dude made that announcement that Maribeth lives for. She raced up to the counter and returned with a $300 travel voucher and a flight for tomorrow morning. She then decided to wait around, just in case she nabbed a seat on our flight. Instead, after about 15 minutes, the Southwest dudette called for "Passenger Davidson" and arranged for her to be put on a flight to Orlando that had been delayed - and that was leaving in about 10 minutes. She ended up getting to Orlando 20 minutes before me!!

So maybe middle child dumb luck isn't so dumb after all!
Things that make today great: Safe, smooth flight; Maribeth's Southwest adventure; Molly bringing morning drinks and airport taxi service; steamer for heater; surprise package from Lewis's; great room location at Boardwalk Villas

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