Sunday, January 17, 2010

Granny Lessons

Having been a grandmother since Wednesday, I am learning many lessons during my on-the-job training. I thought I would share some of them with you:

1. Learn how to work your camera. Otherwise, most of the 900 pictures you took during breakfast are going to turn out fuzzy. The really sad news is that you'll keep them anyway!

2. Don't waste your time giving advice, because everything you did when the parents of the grandchild were babies, would now be considered lethal and wrong, and probably grounds for a Department of Children's Services visit. But don't feel bad - everything your own parents did was horrible and dangerous and wrong when you were a baby, and look how fabulous you turned out!

3. It's remarkable how young grannies are these days!! Just look in the mirror!

4. Remember Dr. Spock? Well nobody else does, so don't bother dropping his name. Unless you're talking about Star Trek.

5. Cloth diapers vs disposable? Doesn't matter - the grandchild has parents who are legally responsible for changing said diaper and dealing with the aftermath.

6. Be helpful. Gives you a reason to make the parents think you need to be at their place as often as possible. They're sleep deprived anyway, so they need stuff done for them. Then they'll be happy and take naps and you can rock the baby.

7. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - this is one great gig!!
Things that make today great: Lindley's first family brunch; sitting with Lindley and watching some football playoff; posting 1st grade play picture

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Sam Davidson said...

#6 is the only reason we live in Nashville.