Thursday, January 21, 2010

Customer Service In Action

Here's the back story: Molly and Steve needed new blackberries. Steve was eligible for a new one because his current one was old enough. Molly needed a new one but wasn't eligible until February 21, when the current sale would be over. Maribeth was eligible because she bought hers outright (or something along those lines). On a previous reconnaissance mission, an AT&T dude told Molly that she could use Maribeth's eligibility to get a new one.

Fast forward to today. After picking me up from taking Sam's car to be repaired and running various errands, Molly and I ended up at the AT&T store, where she and Steve planned to get new phones. Molly and I got there before Steve and started chatting it up with Matt, the AT&T dude who caught us first. We explained that the family was getting two new blackberries and discussed Molly using Maribeth's eligibility. Matt said that it could be done, but would take a long time. Steve arrived and Matt went to the back storeroom to get the new phones, only to return and give us the news that there is only one phone left. He said that we could go over to the mall store, because they have some there. He also said that if we want to wait, his manager/co-worker/buddy would go over and pick it up. We said we would wait, and Molly told Steve to take the one in stock.

Matt got busy with all the business of getting Steve's new phone in service. When all the paperwork was finished, he turned to us and says, "You can get the phone at the mall." Apparently he broke up with his manager/co-worker/buddy and didn't bother to get the other phone. So, to recap, Matt did not want to do the business of the Maribeth change nor getting us a phone. So much for working on commission.

Molly and I ate lunch, then later ended up at the Green Hills AT&T store (not the mall store that Matt told us to go to). There we met Monica, who was nonplussed at the Maribeth connection, treating it as if it was no big deal. She got the phone, changed over the stuff that needed to be changed over, and then made sure that the 3G thing (whatever that is) was working, and when it wasn't, promptly took names and kicked butt until it was. All during the transaction, Monica laughed and joked and became our new best friend. We left the store glad that we had found Monica.

What's customer service? Taking care of problems and making sure your customer doesn't have problems. Making sure you have what your customer wants and getting it if you don't have it. Making sure your customers feel at home in your store, because you want them to make it their home store. Making your "total stranger" customer your "new best friend" customer, because then they have a vested interested in the store - their friend works there. Making sure the whole experience is fun and fulfilling. And most of all, making sure your customer leaves with exactly what they came in for.

And if you need any more ideas, just go ask Monica - she's a living lesson in customer service.
Things that make today great: Spending the day shopping and stuff with Molly; drive through laughing at Starbucks; lunch with Steve and Molly; using up gift cards; finding Sonic via GPS; Maggie and Grayson's new tube toy

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