Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's A Small World - At WDW

Today my volunteer job was to monitor the course of the marathon to keep spectators from getting in the way of the runners and to help the runners if needed. Last night I got a message from Jenny, a friend from my hometown, via facebook that her son Rusty was going to run the marathon. She knew I was down here not because we keep in constant touch, but because I happened to post that I was down here doing the half-marathon.

Steve and Maribeth tracked Rusty on the marathon website, and Steve was able to figure out the approximate time that Rusty would be passing my assigned spot. We hadn't seen Rusty since he was a little boy - probably at our wedding 30+ years ago. But we knew his race number and Steve figured he would look for someone looking like Rusty's dad, Jerry.

Sure enough, we saw him just as he passed us. We yelled and he looked over, but I'm sure he had no clue as to who we were. He kept on going and Steve managed to snap a picture.

I'm not sure what makes it a small world - is it the fact that people can be in the same place and not know it, or that thanks to modern technology, we can know it? All I know is that today, I got a taste of my hometown when I got to cheer a local boy on to his marathon finish - even if he didn't know it was me!

Things that make today great: Fellow volunteers for the marathon including John and John; seeing Rusty on the course; all the marathoners who passed by; helping the wheelchair marathoner; Downtown Disney with Maribeth; finally seeing the Florida sun; hot chocolate from Steve during the marathon

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