Friday, April 23, 2010

Brownies and Cheetos

The other day on The Today Show, or GMA, or The Early Show, or whatever, an "expert" was on to tell us how much sugar we consume each day. I figured she'd talk about processed sugar in Ding Dongs and soft drinks and the like. I was wrong.

She started out by telling us how much sugar is in grapes. A lot of sugar. But not as bad as it is if you wait until they are raisins - more sugar. But that's not as bad as grape juice - more sugar. So, the lesson is that fruit has a lot of sugar.

I was somewhat disheartened because I thought eating fruit was a good thing. Certainly better than Twinkies. She went on to talk about other foods, but I opted out of watching - I mean, if I can't eat healthy fruit, then what's the point?

Yes, I am taking this the wrong way. But I am getting tired of the "experts" telling me what to eat and what not to eat. I have been on many diets - most of which are not healthy dieting, according to another diet's expert. One told me to eat certain foods - none of which are easily obtainable in my part of the country. Another says to eat only their food - which is probably full of preservatives and bad sugar and a ton of sodium. Still somebody else says I should drink cans of their stuff. Or eat their pills. All of which are bad. At least according to the person not associated with this way of thinking.

So, in protest, I spent most of today eating Cheetos and brownies. Not healthy or on anybody's diet.

At least it wasn't those evil grapes.
Things that make today great: BSC with Lindley and Maribeth; Firestone tire dude; remodel dude; "Say Yes To The Dress" marathon; "The Blind Side" with Steve and Maribeth

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