Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hoop Dreams

It probably started in a weak moment. Maribeth sent out an email about a coupon for hula-hoop class at Hooprama. It was one of those "why not" moments, or maybe it was a "Whu-uut" moments, or maybe it was a "passed out on the couch" moment. All I know is that in the next moment, I was signed up for a hula-hoop class.

Just to refresh your memory, I am middle-aged, in need of a massive weight loss, and uncoordinated. Add to that a waistline that hasn't seen a belt in decades and two hips that prefer to remain inactive, and you have an unlikely candidate for hula hooping. But ignorance is bliss, and hope springs eternal, and it is what it is - so I happily ignored the whole thing until this evening when Maribeth and I drove to West Nashville for Hula Hooping Level 1 (I looked for a lower level, but there wasn't one).

We found the location (after a few misfires), parked the car (hopefully not in a tow-away zone), and went in the door. We were met by the two leaders and eight other women. Some are young, some are thin, some look like they've done this before, and some look like me - bewildered. We all chose a hoop and class began.

First we're told about hoops - apparently we have the adult version (that cost around $40, quite unlike the $3.99 version I bought back in the 60's). There are little hoops, medium hoops, and one humongous hoop. The first thing we did was hold the hoop and let it drop to the floor - something I figured I would be doing a lot during the hour. Next we learned how to sway - first side to side and then front to back. Soon we are released to actually turn the hoops using the sway technique - and miracles of all miracles - I managed to get all the mechanics in order and the hoop stayed on and managed a few rotations before it fell to the ground.

The rest of the class was spent walking with the hoops (frontward and backward), trying to knock down the hoop of another person, dipping and swaying to keep the hoop from dropping, and learning that we will probably have stomach bruises from all our hard work.

So, I would say my first class was a success. I wasn't given a refund for lack of ability to hoop, I wasn't in a class with little girls who pointed and laughed, and I managed to keep the hoop spinning a decent length of time. I'm even thinking of buying my own hoop for practice at home (maybe I should warn my neighbors first).

Between boot camp and hula-hooping, I have hopes of locating my waist again. At least with the bruises, I have a general idea of where it is!
Things that make today great: BSC with Lindley; hula-hoop class, ladies, and leaders; Demos dinner with Maribeth, Molly, and Steve; remodeler chats

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Marilyn said...

maybe you can learn to do the "Twist" with the hoola-hoop! Can someone take a video?