Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finding Your Quiet Place

Every afternoon, Maggie the Cat has a lay-down on the blue love seat in the den. When she first started doing this last week, we thought she was deathly ill - maybe in a coma. But she wasn't, and has taken to this spot every afternoon since. She doesn't care if you sit beside her - as long as you leave her alone.

We like to think of this spot as her "depression spot." We think she goes there to decompress (as much as a cat can decompress from the self-absorbed life they lead). She spends her therapy time there and then moves on to the next thing, having had her Zen time.

Sometimes I need that spot, a place to go and be quiet and let my mind settle. I need peace and quiet and time for my brain to zone out. Of course, if I do, people are usually wondering what's wrong with me, too.

But I think Maggie has it figured out. We need that spot to claim as our "resting spot." Once everybody around us recognizes it as sacred, then maybe we'll find that peace we seek.

Of course, if my lips turn blue while I'm in my spot, somebody needs to call 911!
Things that make today great: Shoneys with Steve, Gdiz, and Maribeth; feeble attempt to repair vanity mirror with MB; shopping with MB at quaint little shoppes; prizes for and from Molly

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