Monday, April 5, 2010

What Works For Me, Works For You?

Today while the plumber dude was at my house repairing various problems, he tested the water pressure. Ours is at 45, while normal is at 78. In other words, I can probably spit with more water pressure than that which comes through my kitchen faucet.

Having lived in this house 15 years, I've gotten used to the lack of water pressure. We installed two highfalutin spigots on the shower heads, so we have the water pressure needed to get clean. The dishwasher gets the dishes clean and the washing machine gets the clothes clean, so I rarely notice the lack of force in my water flow.

That is, until someone else comments on it. Maybe it's because you need a little patience if you're filling a bucket at my sink. Or if you're trying to wash a dish. Or if at your house, you need to wear a face mask because your own water pressure is so fierce. For whatever reason, some folks feel the need to disparage my water pressure. But it works just fine for me. Maybe I've gotten used to it, or maybe it's because it's not a big deal for me.

Ultimately, we have to decide what is acceptable in our lives and what isn't. We have to decide if someone else is correct when he or she says our "whatever" isn't up to standard. We have to decide to make it a big deal and change - or not. And then we have to turn around and accept some one's decision when we make the same "acceptable" judgement on them.
Things that make today great: BSC with MB and Lindley; taking the car to the dent repair shop only to discover another dent; Targeting with Maribeth in my sweaty boot camp togs; yellow knockout roses and more plants from Home Depot; nice plumber fixing stuff; new bbq place

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