Sunday, April 4, 2010

Three Generations of Easter

The 60's - purses, sweaters, gloves, the works!

The 80's - matching dresses - not everyone was a fan!!

2010 - Cuteness in bunny ears and a bib!
Sure, styles may change (as does picture quality) but every generation celebrates the same Easter - the resurrection and promise of life eternal. Thank you God, for the gifts of divine love, of families, and hope in all things. Happy Easter!
Things that make today great: Easter with family; promise of eternal life; God's love everlasting


Marilyn said...

I think I needed Lindley's bunny ears instead of just the white head band- do you think Mother approved the head band?

Luanne said...

She probably didn't - maybe we forgot the Dippity-Do to paste our hair out of our eyes!! I think we were in Kansas - guess we had to take an extra suitcase for all the Sunday togs!!