Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Young and Old of It

This is a picture of Lindley and her great-grandfather, GDizzle. I'm not sure who is holding on to whose hand and why. But there does seem to be a connection.

They're both too far apart at their respective ends of the age spectrum to fully understand each other. Lindley knows he makes sounds that makes her smile. GDizzle knows that she cries when she's unhappy and in need of something. Other than those basics, their communication appears limited.

But maybe it isn't. Maybe communication doesn't have to be all about a complete understanding of each other. Connection doesn't have to be a match-up of commonalities. Maybe all it has to be is one person holding on to the hand of another person - just because they want to.
Things that make today great: Sunday brunch with the family; morning Kroger trip; remodel dude and dudette; visit with Rambo and Blackie; watching Phil and Tiger and KJ and Anthony and English dude at the Master's on tv

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Marilyn said...

Does Johnny have on a bolo tie? and are those deer/moose antlers on his shirt? Awesome!