Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cats Is Cats

These are pictures of Maggie The Cat sleeping/sitting in Lindley The Granddaughter's Bumbo. I'm not sure why Maggie does this, except that she's a cat. Cats seem to think that anything and everything is theirs to use in any way they choose. They don't care what the thing is used for, or to whom it belongs, or where it is. If they choose to use it, they will.

Some might think it is the cat's ego that entitles him to free reign on anything and everything. I think it is creativeness. So, in the spirit of the cat, here's my offering:

So maybe it's not as cute, but it's the only body part I could fit in the Bumbo!!
Things that make today great: Front porch rocking with Lindley at BSC; new partner at boot camp; MB's summer job decision; cute slarty pic from Lyn and Lin

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