Thursday, April 15, 2010

Huge Mistake

Of course, I'm not sure what exactly tipped the scales (literally). Was it the Laffy Taffy and peanut M&Ms? Was it the crab wontons and Dr Tso thingy? Was it the potato chip sandwich? Was it the granola bars? Was it the two helpings of chicken sapa and salad? Was it whatever else I ate today (and there was plenty)?

The answer is yes. And here is a picture of how I feel (I can't fit into the wide-angle lens of my camera so this will have to do).

Here's hoping to a more-controlled tomorrow. And that I will be able to turn over and get off the floor.
Things that make today great: Chatting with Shirley at Chesley's; picking up Lindley at day car accompanied by MB; lullaby Beatles and Beach Boys music; final remodel dude; picking up Molly at the airport

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