Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back To Boot Camp

Last fall I decided to take a break from boot camp.  My attitude was not good (meaning I REALLY didn't want to get out of bed and do it, and when I got there I put forth zero effort).  I wasn't getting any results mainly because I was no longer trying.  I had a lot of things on my plate, so I decided to take a little vacay from boot camp.  Make that an extended vacay from boot camp.

My friend KB and I decided we would work out on our own.  I mean, after several years of boot camp, we knew what we had to do.  We even had a list of exercises (we also have a list of excuses, but that's another story) that we could do.  We met twice a week at the park with our weights and mats and various other equipment.  And we worked out.  That is, if you mean our mouths.  Basically, we did a little here and a little there and a lot of walking and talking.  While it helped our emotional health, it didn't do much for our physical health.  It was obvious, even to our oblivious selves, that we were going to have to do something else (and real, I might add).

We really didn't want to return to our original boot camp like the prodigals we were.  For one thing, we didn't want to go as often as the payment scale dictated (and we are basically cheapskates).  So we would get some info on other boot camps, KB got few groupons, and we prided ourselves on the fact that we were "trying" to do the right thing.

Eventually, the bell tolled (as in "never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee,") and yesterday somehow (I like to think that God said, "NOW, girlfriend - get your rear in gear1") I came across a boot camp what was having free sessions for July (never mind that KB had some of those earlier - the bell had't tolled then).  I mentioned it to KB, and we decided to go.

We showed up at 6am this morning and met with the young-un that was leading the session.  We signed waivers (basically saying that yes, we're old, and we're okay if we pass out at some point mid-push up) and soon the other young-uns showed up.  A EMT truck also showed up and parked in the parking lot (we were at the park), but supposedly they were just there for a break (sure, they were).  All the girls were sweet and kind and encouraging to us - sort of like you do with your grammies.  It was all good, and super obvious to everyone that KB and I needed to get back with a real program.

So I guess I'm back at boot camp.  Please keep the defibrillator handy!
Today's blessings:  working out with KB and the girls


Sam Davidson said...

I also rededicated myself to my boot camp on Monday. Like two prodigals in a pod, I supposed.

Denise in PA said...

I almost started Boot Camp with the girls at work last week, but my husband had a heart attack. Does that count as an excuse - LOL! Seriously, I WAS going to go with them....

Luanne said...

Unfortunately, boot camp goes on forever - so it is still probably in your future!

Hope the hubs is feeling much better!!