Friday, July 20, 2012

Changing Grumpy into Happy

This morning I made my out to the Baby Stuff Store to pick up a glider for Maribeth, Mathieu, and Everley.  The store people called yesterday to let me know it was in and ready for pickup.  As usual, I heard about half of the message - basically the part that said, "Come pick up the glider."  I did not pay attention to the part that said when the store was open.

Anyhow, I made my way down to that part of town (which was a ways down).  Next to the destination store was a Hobby Lobby.  I have been intending to visit the Hobby Lobby for months, to see if they had some materials for a project that I've been trying to complete.  I considered stopping and shopping there, but I had many things to accomplish after the chair pickup (like getting my raggedy May pedicure freshened up).  So, I decided that Hobby Lobby would have to wait.

I was parking the car at 9:30 am, only to notice that the Baby Stuff Store did not open until 10 am.  I was not happy, because now I had time to kill in an area of town that I rarely frequent (because it's a ways down).  I even called the store to check on the hours, hoping some misguided sales clerk had written the store hours incorrectly on the door sign.  Alas, the hours were correct, and I was going to have to wait (even though I saw a clerk-person in the store).  I began getting a bit grumpy, mainly because my toenails were getting more raggedy by the minute.

So, I decided to go visit Hobby Lobby, a store that I had never visited before.  Boy, was I in for a treat!  Not only did I find some frames that I needed (and were on sale), but I also found a photo scrapbook on sale.  I saw a lot of fabric that I liked, and lots of ideas for future projects.  I had given up on finding the tubing that was my original impetus for the Hobby Lobby Shoppy, but as I waited in line, I found it - right by the checkout.  I picked it up, paid, and headed to my car, noticing that it was 10 am and time to claim my chair.

So what's the lesson here?  I think it's that maybe when we're faced with disappointment over something trivial, maybe it's because there's a hidden blessing out there somewhere.  We just have to be willing to stop griping and spend a little time making a disappointment into a delight.

Today's blessings: Hobby Lobby shopping fun; chair loader dude; mani-pedi with Kim; dinner with most of the fam


Girl with a Goal said...

What's this about never visiting a Hobby Lobby before...What a tragedy!
Glad you found your way inside. You should check out I think you'll find a lot more ideas to make Hobby Lobby a frequent spot for you.

Luanne said...

Pinterest scares me. I think I will have even more big ideas that will result in disaster! I went to the Hobby Lobby in Franklin - where else is one?