Monday, July 16, 2012

I Dug A Trench

Technically, it was a part of the ongoing saga to keep water from seeping into the sun room.  I was also hoping it would burn off the three ice cream sandwiches that I managed to inhale in the hour before the trench digging commenced.  At any rate, I now have a trench and sore muscles.  As for the calories burned - I think I traded them in for the post-trench-digging hamburger and ice cream sandwich.  So I guess technically I dug a hole in the whole calorie counting/calorie burning saga.  With as many sagas as I have, maybe I should have my own reality show ...
Today's blessings:  Napping with Everley; pre-made lunch from the Ms; trench dug; golf talking with ac/elec dude; nice other ac/elec dudes; clean grill

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