Thursday, July 5, 2012

This Is My Brain on Food

I had these peach pancakes last Saturday during our weight-loss training walk (we were supposed to do 14 but only did 3 - the exact mileage to Pancake Pantry.  The mileage is what lost weight - not us!).

Anyhow, the peach pancakes were super-delicious and have stayed pretty much on my mind.  All.  The.  Time.  In other words, I want some more.  Now, if not sooner.

So why is it that these 8-bagillion-calorie peach pancakes stay on my mind instead of this healthy, nutritional salad, that probably has negative fifty calories?

Yeah, I don't know either.  Except that this food-on-the-brain dilemma sucks. 

Too bad the peach pancakes don't.

Today's blessings:  park workout with KB; KB taking me home to get extra car keys and back to unlock car that had car keys inside; nice ac/elec dudes; fans sale at Lowes; picking up Lindley at day care and taking a trip to the Wiggly


Denise in PA said...

Yes, you spend so much time chewing the salad that the calorie count is negative. LOL! Those peach pancakes look divine - I can almost smell them!

Marilyn said...

Can we get these pancakes when I come there next week?

Girl with a Goal said...

Haven't tried the peach pancakes at Pancake Pantry yet. I think I shall!

Luanne said...

Denise - I think you've hit on something - the reason the pancakes are so calorie laden is because I don't bother chewing them - I just inhale them straight to my thighs!

Marilyn - are you doing the requisite 3 mils walk first?

Camille - you and your granny can probably make them even yummier - in fact, I will volunteer to taste test them for you!!

Marilyn said...

will walk however many miles required for this nice treat- on Friday since we have a planned brunch on Sat. Looking forward!