Monday, July 30, 2012

How Big Becomes Small

Yesterday after walking 5+ miles with Sharon and Jo, Molly and I drove to Starbucks for some needed rehydration.  We ordered our $13 worth of drinks and waited our turn behind some very loving people (as least that's what I determined based on the kissing going on between the couple in the front seats).  At one point I heard the driver say, "We'll just see how far this pay it forward goes," as he handed the barrista a $20 bill through the pay window.  I wondered if he were referring to the next customer, which would be us, but let the thought pass through my brain (as my thoughts often do).

When I got to the window, the same barrista handed me our drinks and when I handed him my card to pay, he said, "The guy in front of you already paid."  I then proceeded to tell him to pay for the person behind me, and the barrista added, "You got the best deal, because your behind person only costs $3.59."

I admit - I felt a little guilty because my benefactor probably wasn't expecting a $13 "pay it forward."  His own personal bill was probably half that.  But he didn't flinch as he pulled out a twenty and truly paid it forward.  What started as a selfless act went into overdrive as he went the extra mile and paid the big bill.  I don't know if he was having a spectacularly great day, or if the idea just came to him, or if this were a regular act he performed at drive-thrus.  I do know that I learned a lesson from a total stranger - that sometimes what we think may be a little act of kindness may turn out to be a little bigger act of kindness and sacrifice.  But if our actions truly comes from our hearts, then the size of the act becomes small compared to the size of our heart.
Today's blessings:  not getting up early to go anywhere/do anything

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