Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well, We Did It - Mostly

While we didn't get our scheduled 14 miles in, we did manage to get almost 13 (depending on whose Garmin/Nike GPS you wanted to go by).  It was hot and the sun was out in force, but we walked from the neighborhood to downtown, around the stadium, back to downtown, and back to our cars in the 'hood.

 We didn't even have to call any cops, although we considered calling the paramedics when Sharon took a tumble as we were crossing the bridge over the interstate (darn that torn-up sidewalk!).  We were just strolling along when we heard a kerfuffle in the back.  As I turned around, I saw Sharon on the ground and Bruce (her hubby and our Training Walk Security Detail) grabbing her arm to hoist her up.  Did any motorist stop to ask if we needed assistance?  No, but it could have been because Bruce was wearing a pink backpack and seemed to have the situation under control.

Luckily there was a market close, so we took Sharon, who was bleeding from her arm and her wrist and her palm and her leg (which also had a huge goose-egg popping up) to get cleaned up (because although we had plenty of band-aids, we had no germ-killer or wipes).  And while such a fall would have sent most of us home in a taxi, Sharon bandaged up and kept on walking.  She gets today's Tough Cookie Award.  Too bad there are no cookies or really anything to go along with the honor.

Anyhow, eventually we made it back to our cars and to our other responsibilities for the day.  Tomorrow we will start early to attempt a 10-miler.  I just hope Sharon remembers to bring her walker!
Today's blessings:  Walking with the Udderly Pink team; Sharon not getting hurt any worse; massage by Kenneth; shopping with Molly; Maribeth's birthday cake with the family

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