Friday, July 13, 2012

I Could Be Wrong, But I Don't Think This Is The Way to Lose Weight ...

Breakfast:  Apricot-Lemon pancakes at Pancake Pantry with the girls

Lunch:  Chicken salad-salad at Calypso Cafe with some of the same girls

Dinner:  Burgers at home with all the fixins and baked beans and corn and salad and chips with still the same girls and some boys added in

Post-dinner kicker:  Six-kagillion chocolate/chocolate dipped ice cream cone (I DID order a small) from Bobbie's Dairy Dip with one of the girls and one of the boys

Maybe I need to meet new girls ...
Today's blessings:  all the food and fun times with the girls (and later the added boys); Lindley and Everley time; Wal-Mart-ing with Marilyn

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Marilyn said...

I enjoyed every single calorie :)