Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What - You Mean It's Hot In Nashville In July?

A while back, when someone suggested doing the Downtown July 4 5K, it seemed like a good idea.  This morning at 8am, when it was 83 degrees (and felt like 86) and the first mile was headed straight east into the cloudless sky with the sun blaring down, it seemed like the worst idea ever.  Luckily, I had the Karens along for the ride - KP jogged ahead while KB stayed by my side, probably to administer first aid if needed.  KB and I finished with a slow pace, but at some point we realized we did not care.  We just hoped to finish without heatstroke. After crossing the finish line, we promptly proceeded to the car and breakfast, opting out of the free beer and party. Just finishing upright was celebration enough for us!

It's always good to have your friends around - especially to help get you through the situations they got you in to!!

Today's blessings:  5K with the Karens; breakfast with the Karens and Molly; 3-Day hotel reservations; beginnings of closets in the den

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