Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well, Shut My Mouth

No, really.  Shut.  It.  Shut It Now.

My mouth has always gotten me into predicaments, so I have decided that my new exercise program will be shutting my mouth.  Especially if it involves taking my foot out of my mouth first.

This new revelation/mantra came about because this time last year I waxed poetic about how I was going to lose weight because my gyno was so kind about not ragging on me about my obvious off-the-chart weight.  Apparently this year has gone by at warp speed, because today I was back at the gyno scales, and not only had I not lost weight, but I had gained.  So this year I am saying nothing about next year's weigh-in.  My mouth is closed.

Which brings me to the other reason I need to shut my mouth - to keep the fat-producing food out of it.  I would say that I am going to embark on a diet plan, but that would be saying something, which goes against my "shut my mouth" exercise plan.  Instead I shall just practice - shut the mouth, shut the mouth, shut the mouth.

Maybe if I get good at that exercise, and throw in a few more exercises, next year's weigh-in will be phenomenal.  But let me make one thing clear - I'm not saying anything about it. Really.

Today's blessings:  fun times with Dr. B at the gyno office; Everley time at her house; door installed on the den; rainy day; Princess half-marathon entries

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Marilyn said...

remind me to tell you about my recent gyno visit- not a blogging type story :/