Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Didn't Win The Lottery ...

Just in case you were wondering.  It's probably just as well, since 600 million dollars is a lot of money to manage.  Although it doesn't stop me from thinking about what I would do with the money.

So here are just a few things I would do with the money, you know, in case I do win one day (of course, that would involve buying lottery tickets, which I rarely do).

Hire a personal staff.  These people would include:
     1. Food-Slapper-Out-Of-My Hand Person.  This person would snatch all offending food out of my hand and run for the hills.  Because apparently that is the only way I am going to stop eating the offending food.
     2.  Healthy Cooker/Food Planner Person.  This person would plan all my meals that would be healthy WW approved, yummy, and satisfying.  I would no longer have to gaze into my refrigerator and hope a healthy meal would fall out.
     3.  In-House Trainer Person.  This person would live close enough to me so I would be forced to work out several times a day.  This might also involve booting me out of the bed and out to my personal gym or jogging down my personal road.
     4.  Kitchen Guard Person.  This person would guard the door to the kitchen, only permitting authorized people to enter, which I would not be one.  I would only have access to a refrigerator stocked with fruit, veggies, and water.

Sure, I would have to hire banker people and money-advisor people and make-those-people-leave-me-alone people.  But first things would have to be first.   $600,000,000 certainly helps prioritize things!
The Good Stuff From Today:  Lindley and Everley time; Lynnette picking up lunch and Steve picking up dinner

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