Thursday, May 23, 2013

Road Trip - Sista Style

It was simple enough.  I would drive to Jackson, Mississippi, to attend my nephew's graduation.  My sister would arrive a few days before from her new home in North Carolina in order to spend a few days with friends.  We would have dinner with my brother and his family, watch as my nephew received his diploma, and then my sister and I would head back to Nashville, stopping in our hometown of Starkville and spending the night.  On Friday we would get up and head on to Nashville, where her husband Eddie would arrive from North Carolina, spend the night, and head back to NC on Saturday.  Great plan, right?

As usual, when my sister and I travel together, our plans have a tendency to be rather "fluid."  That means that they are easily changed.  That means when we get lost, drive around a city several times because we were yacking so much we were oblivious to the fact that we were driving on the interstate loop around a city (at least until my sister said, "I think we've passed that grocery store before,"), run out of gas, or some other plan changer.  Not that any of those things has happened.  But they all did.

Anyhoo, after dinner and graduation (which went according to plan), Marilyn and I decided to change our spend-the-night plan.  We just decided to drive on back to Nashville.  Which would take around 6ish hours. Which means we would get home around 3.  As in a.m.  It seemed like a viable plan.  At least to two menopausal-brained women.

After one stop at possibly the nastiest McDonald's ever and gassing up my roller skate of a car (Prius C), we  drove.  And drove and drove.  Thanks to satellite radio, the Oprah Winfrey network kept up entertained, as did looking for the exit to Huntsville (which would provide a 24-hour McDonald's that would have a passing health inspection score) which we never saw because we were oblivious to it or it disappeared.  Eventually we did arrive back home, at 3am as predicted.

It was a good idea.  We think.  We'll let you know when our brains catch up on sleep ...
The Good Stuff From Today:  safe travel to and from Jackson; Amerigos with Marilyn, John, Anne, David, and Michael; graduation ceremony; McDonald's experience; Oprah's radio guests

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Marilyn said...

I love our fluid adventures!