Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just People Watching

Perhaps I should have been an anthropologist. That would explain why I am fascinated by people watching.  And at Disney World, forget the rides and shows - sometimes the best and most fun thing to do is sit on a bench and judge observe the people as they go past.

In my observations, I nearly always come to the following conclusions:
  • I am not the fattest/tackiest dresser/oldest/most ridiculous tourist here.  But I come pretty close.
  • I am glad I did not do the movie-star thing and wait until my 50s to have children.  I mean, it would be difficult to work the hoveround AND the baby stroller.
  • I am glad I did not have a tattoo back in the 70s, when tattoo technique was antiquated, as evidenced by the decades of aged tattoos that I see on senior citizens (which I don't know why I should be seeing all that skin in that particular place on that old person, anyway).
  • Not everybody that needs one wears a bra.  And apparently don't mind letting the girls get some air.  Or maybe their shirt is just ill-fitting with that large of a load in front.
  • Sometimes parents need a nap more than their unhappy kids do.  Some other people need a nap just observing unhappy kids.
  • Some people will purchase just about anything if Disney puts a price tag on it and sticks it on a store shelf.  And I have the shopping bags to prove it.
So those are my observations for now.  I have to go now, because I heard they just restocked the shelves at the Emporium, and I have a feeling there's something there with my name on it!
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