Friday, May 3, 2013

Up In The Air

This morning Steve, Molly, and I boarded a plane for a trip.  Doesn't matter where - I'll leave that up to your imagination.  Anyhow, on this trip Molly decided to sit with us (we fly Southwest where you can choose your own seat if you check in early enough) with me at the window, Molly in the middle, and Steve on the aisle.  Behind us sat two little girls and a dad (I think the little girls were cousins and the dad was only dad to one of them).

In case you didn't know, I am not a fan of being up in the air in a plane.  If I could be assured that I would never crash or have scary moments up there, I would be fine.  But since I can't, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with flying.  And today, leaving in somewhat overcast weather in Nashville and knowing that the same weather might be in our landing location, I was not any more thrilled about being up in those clouds.  Of course, it didn't help when one of the little girls behind me (the one who obviously had never flown before) started off by saying, "We're gonna die," and then proceeded to gasp and utter worried remarks even before we took off.

Eventually we did take off with no bumps and no shrieking from the girls behind us.  Although the seat belt light stayed lit the entire flight, the flight itself was smooth.  The girls behind were happy.  And then the pilot comes on and says that there will be bumps as we land and would the flight attendants clean up the cabin early and sit down and buckle up.  These are never reassuring words to me.  I look out the window and see clouds, but I could also see Downtown Disney (oops - guess you know where I was headed - shocker, I know), so as usual I was filled to the brim with mixed emotions.  I mean, if we were going down (dramatic much?) would we land on top of Cirque de Soleil? 

The flight attendants went through the cabin one last time, sat down, and buckled up.  I glared out the window, looking for offending clouds with potential damaging (to me, anyhow) winds, and practiced my Lamaze breathing techniques.  And then we descended through the clouds and landed.  Without. One. Single.  Bump.

Molly says it is because she is our good luck charm and we never have turbulence when she flies with us (her memory is flawed).  But I know better.  I know who is in charge of the skies and I continually pray that He finds us a smooth passage through the clouds.  But the thing is, even if that smooth passage isn't always found, I know who's really in charge.

And that's really all I need to know to get me back up in the air next time.
The good stuff from today:  safe, smooth flight; girls behind me on plane; room ready upon arrival; seeing Aisling at the expo; lunch at ESPN Cafe; dinner at Be Our Guest; fun in the rain at the MK; cast member who took care of Molly and Steve's park passes; phone chats with Marilyn and Anne; crazy parking lot people at mall

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