Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I May Day

Today is the first of May, or May Day.  I think traditionally you are supposed to leave flowers on someone's doorstep and run away and/or dance around a maypole.  I chose to do neither of those today, but I did get to thinking (which is sometimes a dangerous thing), and I thought, "What if today was May I (you know, because a 1 can look like an I) or I May Day?  On May 1, you chose to do those things that you keep planning to do, and just do them?  In other words, today just say, 'I May (fill in the blank)' and then JUST GO DO IT?"

After thinking this profound thought, I decided to do it.  Due to a series of going places that weren't open yet, I wound up walking around downtown and decided that I was going to get my hair cut - short.  I walked past a barber shop and wondered if they would cut my hair.  But after reading their sign "Razor Cuts and Traditional Barber Cuts," I decided maybe not.  I kept walking and came across a salon that did cut women's hair, so I went in and got mine cut.  I am very happy with the results (sorry, no pictures) and glad that I carried through with my decision of, "I May Get My Hair Cut Off Today."

So maybe I've started a new personal tradition.  Maybe every first of May I will practice I May Day.  And maybe next year I will have a long list of things I get done.

Now that's worth dancing around a maypole!
The Good Stuff From Today:  Salon staff; Everley time; taking Molly Rafferty's; Steve bringing Chic Fil A; accomplishing several tasks

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