Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Days Just Feel Like That ...

Some days it feels like you're fighting a battle.  Sometimes it's a familiar repeated battle.  Sometimes it's a new battle.  Sometimes you don't even realize you're fighting a battle.  But the fact is, you're in a battle because you seem to be on the losing end of it.

But you continue to fight on, because you know what's at stake - that very thing that you're hoping to win.  It may be mental, it may be emotional, it may be physical - but you want something and you keep trying to hold on to it with all you've got, even though all you've got may not be much at all.

Hopefully at some point the tide will turn and your pulls on this tug of war battle will start to make a difference.  You'll dig in your heels and feel renewed strength and keep pulling.  And eventually you'll pull yourself to victory.

It's just some days, when it feels like you're losing, you really just want to let go and quit.  The trick is to just keep holding on to the rope and pull.
The Good Stuff From Today: Animal Kingdom; chatting while waiting for the bus; meatball and bacon pizza

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Denise in PA said...

"Just keeping holding...and pull". Thanks, I needed that. o:)