Thursday, May 9, 2013

Seasons ... Of Hope ...

It seems that lately I've been aware that it's a season of sorrow.  I've read prayer requests and notices and blogs about friends who have lost children and parents and beloved mates, about friends whose cancer has returned, and about friends who are going through really hard times.  While outside it seems to be a season of spring and renewal and new life, for my friends, it would seem to be a season of loss.

But the thing is, for many of these friends, all they want to talk about is hope.  Hope for the days they have left, hope for a cure, hope for the memories they shared with their lost one, and hope that things will be better.  They have hope in God and all things good.  And while I mourn with them, I also hope with them, that whatever has happened or will happen, that their hope sustains them through their difficult days.

And then I saw this on the internet, about a 17-year old who, when faced with an ominous bone cancer diagnosis, wrote a song.  That went viral.  And is all about hope.  Click on the link and learn about Zach.  And listen. 

And then embrace hope. And life.  And love.

The Good Stuff From Today:  Safe flight home; Molly pickup at the airport; sleeping in my own bed


Denise in PA said...

What a beautiful song. I had never heard of Zach before or his song. I shed a tear and said a prayer.

Luanne said...

This is more of his story - and will produce more tears - but is so amazing -