Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun in the Sun

So here we are in St. Pete, Florida.  We are here for a quick weekend trip for two reasons:  (1) to complete the Women's Half Marathon on Sunday (thank goodness for a four-hour time limit), and (2) to get another Southwest trip in for Molly so she can be "A" status for 2014 (we all have our goals and dreams).  After a lovely flight down, we promptly hopped in our rental car and drove to Orlando for a little Disney and outlet shopping.  It was a small preview for Molly, who will be returning to Orlando next weekend (along with Steve and me) for some Black Friday shopping (although I will be sleeping in the bed while they do that).   People were already parking their cars on the grass at the outlet mall, so I cannot imagine what it will be next weekend.

Anyhow, next week is also Lynnette's birthday celebration (her actual birthday isn't until December 1 but we need to celebrate it before we head out of town because we will be gone on her actual birthday, like maybe on a cruise that she's not going on because she has to work).  Pretty much after that I will be on that giant slide that will briskly take me right into Christmas at the Doik - where this year's dinner is being built around "Food On A Stick."

Now if I can just get rid of this stupid chest cold, I might have some fun ...
Today was a great day because:  we had a safe smooth flight to Tampa; an interesting chat with Javon the Enterprise car rental dude; safe trip to Orlando and back; lunch at Portabellos at Downtown Disney; finding a parking spot after the lady finally decided to move her car; Subway sandwich maker and homeless tv dude

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Denise in PA said...

Get better soon! You don't want to give Mickey any germs! I'm with you - I'll be sleeping in on Black Friday!!