Thursday, November 21, 2013

Me and Charlie Brown

So last year I decided to get rid of my artificial Christmas tree.  It was many years old and a pain because you had to put in each row of branches by itself.  It went home with some new owners at one of my celebrated (and hated) garage sales.

This year we've got several trips planned here and there and I started feeling the crunch of getting a new tree.  I had decided that instead of one big tree, I would get two or three little ones and "theme" them (I had heard of other people - obviously capable, talented people - doing this).  My dilemma came about because I couldn't decide between getting two real living trees (to be planted post-Christmas in Molly's backyard) or two artificial ones. 

Of course Molly and Maribeth said to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  But I didn't.  I trotted to Target (twice) and picked two that looked pretty good.  That's where I made my mistake.  Yes, I can read.  Yes, I understand the concept of measurement.  But when the display trees are shown on big tall display tables, they look taller.  They are not.

I finally got out the tree and put it together - all two parts of it.  It's 4.5 feet tall.  Which in my mind seemed tall enough.  It's short.  It's Everley and Lindley sized, which will be great for them.  One of my "themes" was going to be Disney, so after throwing some extra lights and a few Disney ornaments on it, I decided I was done.  And yes - that's Maggie the Cat underneath.

I just needed Lucy and the gang to stand around it and sing ...

Today was a great day because:  I got most of the house cleaned up; got the Christmas tree put up; picked up Everley from school; got packed for a Molly trip; chatted with Maribeth while she studied

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Steve said...

Um, that is Minnie.