Friday, November 29, 2013

Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Water!

Everely - 24 Disney Junior - Score!!
While others are shopping madly for Black Friday bargains, we are boarding the Disney Magic for a 5-night cruise out of Miami. We booked this cruise a long time ago, and it seems funny that it is already here – guess time flies when you’re having fun (or old)!

Anyhow, we crammed the car full of bags for 4.5 (that would be Everley) people and Steve and I headed off to the port. Because the car was jammed full, there wasn’t room to get out the newly-bought car seat and pop up the 3rd row seating in the car. So Maribeth, Molly, and Everley headed out in a cab. Which apparently had no air conditioning. Which made it a crappy ride. Which Everley took to heart, requiring a diaper change on the floor of the terminal. Yes, we’re those kind of people – the kind that prefer clean air to crappy air.

Eventually we made our way onto the boat, had lunch, and were soon on our way. I’ll try to post some pictures, since the ship is very decorated for Christmas, but we also have a toddler onboard who likes to play with the camera and take selfies of her nose, so we’ll see. 
Today was a great day because: boarding the ship for vacation; boiled shrimp for lunch; seeing Katie and Nancy (our cruise family from January) and their family

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