Monday, November 25, 2013


Sometimes when I fly the friendly skies, the flight attendants start talking about “turnaround” as we arrive at our destination. It's mainly for those passengers who are staying on the plane to continue the flight and get to another destination. The flight attendants talk about how the passengers need to stay in their seats so that they can count them before they change seats (granted, this is for Southwest where if one boarded under a “C” then they for sure are going to charge for the front once the deplaning passengers deplane). Then they discuss turnaround, meaning they need to do some housekeeping before letting the new passengers in. I am only describing this because (a) it fills this space very nicely, and (b) today is my “turnaround” day.
Molly and I arrived home yesterday evening.  For me that involved loading the suitcases (mine and hers) into the house (wondering why I would have Molly’s suitcase when she lives in her own house?  Because in order to get all our purchases home and into checkable luggage, we had to do some creative packing, ergo some of my stuff was in her suitcase and vice-versa).  Today was the day to unpack the suitcases, wrap any gifts that might have been purchased, wash clothes, and attempt to put away stuff.  Why?  Because we are leaving again tomorrow.

Yes, I know.  I seem to travel a lot.  The way Davidson travel works (at least one of the ways) is that we book trips based on several criteria:  work, Southwest cheap sale price fares, races with long finish times, shopping, and cruise sales.  The upcoming trip combined several of those factors.

Steve and Molly have a long-standing Black Friday shopping trip to Orlando every year.  A year or so ago we booked a cruise on the future newly refurbished Magic ship for this week.  Sam has a conference next week in Orlando while Lynnette is in Cleveland at a seminar and Lindley, while brilliant, is legally unable to stay by herself.  Add to the mix that Maribeth managed to finagle a few days off from work while Mathieu could not and Everley wants to go where everyone else wants to go, and you have our current trip plans.  Add in a sista and sista-friend, and there you have it.
I would try to list who’s coming and going, but you would need a calculator, a map, and possibly a slide rule to figure it out.    

Besides, I need to go do laundry and get Maggie the Cat out of the suitcase.  She does not like turnaround at all!!
Today was a great day because:  I got in two miles with KB; picked up Everley from school and had some Everley time; Steve’s safe travel home from Mississippi

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